Ch Del Sur's Keno Of Cascade X Del Sur's Cascade Mount Shasta Puppies have arrived

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So proud of Shasta for a fine natural delivery. We needed a little help on puppy number 2. His shoulders were so big we needed a vet to pull while Shasta was pushing (contracting). Very brave hard working mother! The puppy had no problem with this because when he got out he was very active and had a good set of lungs and sqiggled right over to Mom and latch on to nurse. Shasta's puppies were all around 11 oz except that big male that got stuck at 15.1 oz. They have all gained over an oz in the first day.
I will take pictures as soon as Richard finishes the taxes today.
Cassie's litter is doing great. They have doubled their weight in a week. This is very normal and shows that they are all healthy and thriving.

Keno and Shasta had 5 puppies born Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009 3 boys and 2 girls.

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Temperament Testing June 10th, 2007

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Sara Kahn did temperament testing on the Orion X Cassie and Keno X Paige Litters on Sunday, June 10th. Sara is a accomplished trainer of Portuguese Water Dogs as well as other breeds. She currently has 2 Water Dogs and they have multiple titles in Water Work, Agility, Obedience and Ralley. She is a Water Trial Judge for the Portuguese Water Dog Club Of America (PWDCA). Besides being a professional dog trainer, Sara works as a Veterinary Technician. Sara has been doing temperament testing for many years and she has a gift for working with puppies. She was patient, gentle and very thorough in testing these puppies. Now that the testing is complete it is time to assign puppies to owners. Please call me Cindy Thorson (425)481-9045 for an appointment to test puppies and to refresh me on what you want. Thanks

Name Home Cell eMail Cindy Thorson (425) 481-9045 (206) 755-1427

WEANING May 24, 2007

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We are officially starting to wean puppies at 4 weeks of age. They are getting one meal a day that has free range chicken, organic goat yogurt, Libby's pumpkin and Puppy Gold. The mothers are still contributing the rest. I'll be adding the second home cooked meal in a couple of days. The puppies have had no problems knowing exactly what to do with food! They have moved into the living room for the afternoon so they can watch animal planet and listen to the vacuum, dishwasher and pans clanking. They are also beginning to interact with the other resident dogs through the x-pen. Shasta is forever trying to get in to play. She is so fasinated with these little dogs! They are stay awake much longer and want to be entertained, music, toys, holding (lots of interactions). It is a wonder I can get anything done! It is time to start visiting!