Keno X Iris Litter Temperament Videos and Scoresheets Posted...Enjoy, What A Great Litter!

General News
Cascade has posted the Temperament Videos and Temperament/Aptitude Scoresheet for the Keno X Iris Litter born 3/6/11, tested 4/25/11 (50 days). We are so proud of these puppies. They were all amazing and kept Cindy (hidden observer), Rick (hidden videographer) and Nancy (the tester) smiling through all 10 puppies with all their funny wonderful antics and wagging tails! I hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did. Now, lots more work, as we start leash training and continue crate training, potty training and socializing with our adult dogs. Please keep coming to visit! We still have CERF testing, a trip to the Veterinarian for a checkup and microchip, first Parvo / Distemper Vaccine, and another worming. They have been eating indiviually in crates and they are doing a good job although a couple are still a little vocal.. They are also using the dog door and all are displaying good toilet habits!

Temperament Testing For Snoopy x Geni Litter Now Available For Viewing

General News
The Temperament Testing is now available for the Snoopy x Geni Litter. Go to the Media Gallery, select the Submenu for Current Litters Snoopy x Geni. There is a switch slide for volume and you can right click to zoom for ful screen viewing. Escape key will zoom out. Hope you enjoy the scores and videos. We were very proud of their showing.

Ch Odyseas Card Shark X Del Sur Cascade Mount Shasta puppies born 1/22/11

General News
Cascade is pleased to announce that on Saturday, January 22, 2011 Shasta (Del Sur Cascade Mount Shasta) gave birth to three healthy black with white markings wavy boys. They are eating and sleeping alot. There are pictures in the media gallery (Lefty x Shasta litter). Lefty (Ch Odyseas Card Shark) is busy passing out cigar bones in Denver. He has a card game so sends his best to Shasta.

Snoopy X Geni Puppies born January 14, 2011

General News
Cascade is happy to announce that Ch Cascade Genesis (Geni) gave birth to 6 puppies January 14, 2011, 3 boys, 3girls, all wavys, one brown with some white markings and the rest black with some white markings. Very healthy pups, all weighed between 15- 12.5 oz, all were born in sacks and none had any fetal distress. All puppies have made steady weight gain since birth. Geni has lots of milk and loves to eat and take care of her puppies. Absolutely a GREAT LITTER. The father Ch Cascade Snoopy's Red Baron (Snoopy) is proud of his heathy handsome litter and sends his kisses to Geni from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina!

Decker X Shasta Litter born June 5,2010

General News
Cascade is delighted to announce their new litter Stargazer's Hit the Deck (Decker) and Del Sur Cascade mount Shasta. They had 6 puppies, 2 girls and 4 boys. All this discussion of Northwest businesses gone National (theme for the Keno X Geni litter) has left me hungry so let's dine out on Seafood at the NorthWest's best. Take a look at the media Gallery for pictures of the puppies. Bon Appetit!

Toutles and Othello PUPPIES Born 01/12/2010

General News
Cascade Kennels is proud to announce a new litter.
The proud parents are
American Champion Deerpark Othello and American Champion Del Sur Cascade Mount Saint Helens
They had 7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls. There are 5 wavies and 2 curlies.
Check out the Media Gallery to see pictures of the parents and their puppies.