Keno X Iris Litter Temperament Videos and Scoresheets Posted...Enjoy, What A Great Litter!

General News
Cascade has posted the Temperament Videos and Temperament/Aptitude Scoresheet for the Keno X Iris Litter born 3/6/11, tested 4/25/11 (50 days). We are so proud of these puppies. They were all amazing and kept Cindy (hidden observer), Rick (hidden videographer) and Nancy (the tester) smiling through all 10 puppies with all their funny wonderful antics and wagging tails! I hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did. Now, lots more work, as we start leash training and continue crate training, potty training and socializing with our adult dogs. Please keep coming to visit! We still have CERF testing, a trip to the Veterinarian for a checkup and microchip, first Parvo / Distemper Vaccine, and another worming. They have been eating indiviually in crates and they are doing a good job although a couple are still a little vocal.. They are also using the dog door and all are displaying good toilet habits!

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