Snoopy X Geni Puppies born January 14, 2011

General News
Cascade is happy to announce that Ch Cascade Genesis (Geni) gave birth to 6 puppies January 14, 2011, 3 boys, 3girls, all wavys, one brown with some white markings and the rest black with some white markings. Very healthy pups, all weighed between 15- 12.5 oz, all were born in sacks and none had any fetal distress. All puppies have made steady weight gain since birth. Geni has lots of milk and loves to eat and take care of her puppies. Absolutely a GREAT LITTER. The father Ch Cascade Snoopy's Red Baron (Snoopy) is proud of his heathy handsome litter and sends his kisses to Geni from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina!

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