Cascade Portuguese Water Dogs


Cascade Portuguese Water Dogs of Snohomish, Washington near Seattle

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies for sale in Snohomish, Washington.   All of our current puppies have been placed.  We are considering breeding Kena later this year.  We hope to firm this up after looking at various stud dogs following the PWDCA National Specialty.

Grand Champion Cascade Rolling in the Deep (call name "Adele") and Grand Champion Bronze Del Sur's Keno of Cascade (Call name "Keno" -Best of Breed, Westminster 2008, four Award of Merits at Portuguese Water Dog Club of America National Specialties, Best in Specialty at Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada) had 12 puppies April 12, 2023.  Pictures of the puppies, temperament test videos, and show pictures of mom and dad are located in the Media Gallery.  The puppies are in the Keno Adele 4-12-23 album.  Keno and Adele are in subalbums within "The Males" and "The Females" albums.

Keno and Adele have cleared all of the health testing recommended by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and as required to be on the Club Breeder Referral Lists.  Additionally, the puppies have all been tested and are clear of CDDY.  The puppies have been examined by a vet including an eye examination by an Opthalmogist.  They have prepaid microchips and have received their first Parvo Distemper vaccination.  

Portuguese Water Dogs like companionship and a good environment so most are placed with owners that have the time for a dog and a fenced yard.

We work at training and socializing following the guidance of Jane Killion.  She has a training program called "Puppy Culture" which is available at  We also use the guidance in the book "Puppy Socialization.  What It Is and How to Do It"  by Marge Rogers and Eileen Anderson.  Great book with supporting YouTube videos.  We encourage new owners to review and continue these programs especially during the puppies early social development.

Contact Cindy For Information by completing a New Puppy Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is a menu option in the Blue menu row at the top of this page.  We have heard that the Questionnaire does not always submit.   If so, please make sure you are using  The secure website following "https:" works better than the unsecure "http".  Thanks.

Cascade Portuguese Water Dogs is a breeding kennel in Snohomish, Washington State, right outside Seattle. I have had Portuguese Water Dogs since 1993. I've been a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America since 1994 and have attended every Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) National Specialty since 1994. I have participated with my dogs in obedience, water trials, agility and confirmation. I have been breeding dogs since 2003. If interested, Please fill out the New Puppy Questionnaire